Arthritis and Diet – What food can help

by Eric Bradshaw on June 24, 2013

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases found in people of all ages and gender, all around the globe. Studies have shown that over 46 million Americans are affected by this medical condition in one way or the other. Though arthritis can attack in many forms, there are two major forms of Arthritis that affect most people. They are Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. No matter what kind of arthritis you are suffering with, the result is intolerable pain and inflammation in the joints.

Arthritis and dietWhat is Arthritis and what causes it?

During the muscle moment, there is a compression between the bones and this compression is compensated by a fluid known as collagen. Collagen mesh, along with water content available in the body form a slippery pad that acts a resistive layer during the compression of the bones against each other. Due to aging and lack of proper diet, this resilient slippery pad tends to thin and the resistance offered against the bone compression reduces considerably. As a result the bones tend to rapture against each other directly without any protective layer causing intolerable pain and inflammation.


According to experts, Osteoarthritis is believed to be a genetic disease. This genetic susceptibility is said to cause some sort of biologic imbalance in the joints and if there is an injury to the joint it is said to worse the conditions even more. Though genetic factors lead to only 50% of the Osteoarthritis that commonly affects the hands, hips and knees in rare cases it can cause serious damage to cells and body tissues.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Osteoarthritis, in many cases may lead to Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is known to affect the other joints of the body systematically. For example, people affected with Rheumatoid Arthritis may observe pain in the joints of both the hands and both the knees simultaneously. This means Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA is said to affect the joints in a symmetrical pattern either affecting both hands at a time or both knees at a time. This medical condition is chronic and may cause the patient to be bed ridden.

How to Treat Arthritis?

There are many medications available to treat arthritis. But, as I said before, Arthritis is chronic disease and all these medications can only give you a temporary relief. The permanent cure for this medical condition is in your hands. That’s right. You yourself can cure this disease permanently or at least cure it up to 90%. This can be done by changing your “dietary habits”.

Arthritis and Diet

Proper food can cure Arthritis

Studies have shown that intake of proper food and avoiding certain food substances can totally cure Arthritis. All you need to do is change your food habits and take proper nutritious diet. Before we get to know what food is to be taken to get rid of arthritis, let us first concentrate on the food habits that need to be reduced or totally eliminated from your menu.

Diet for arthritis patients

Avoid/Reduce the following food substances:

People suffering from chronic Arthritis are suggested to reduce eating red meat and fish that has red flesh.
Food rich in grains, such as wheat should also be reduced.
Fluids that contain high levels of phosphorous, such as soft drinks should be completely eliminated.
Processed mead and certain organs of animal meat such as liver, kidney high phosphorous levels. Hence they also should be eliminated from the menu.
People, who are habituated to coffee, should give it up as it reduces the ability of absorbing minerals and nutrients into the body and in turn increases the chance of losing them.
Sugar and sweets should be completely avoided as it results in reduced ability of absorbing nutrients.
Intake of food containing antacids should also be reduced or eliminated as they neutralize stomach acids and lead to under absorption of calcium.
Also, eliminate high usage of vegetable cooking oil and fried foods, as they increase the inflammation in the joints
Bad fats such as margarine should also be avoided.

What to eat?

Now that we know what not to eat, let us concentrate on the diet that can cure arthritis forever.

The best diet for people suffering with arthritis is the food that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium and wide variety of other minerals and nutrients. These food substances ensure that bone and bone matrix are healthy and also contribute to the bone building and result in a healthy bone structure.

Food for arthritisFood rich in Calcium:

Milk with no fat
Snow peas
Alfalfa seeds
Soy beans
Sunflower seeds
Green leafy veggies, such as broccoli, kale, etc

You can take milk as a calcium source but it is not exactly recommended as it has low magnesium content and you need to have high levels of magnesium for the calcium to be absorbed into the bones.

Food rich in Magnesium:

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Leafy vegetables
Dairy products
White fleshed fish meat, etc

Sun rays are a great source of vitamin D which is required to get the calcium into your bones. Try spending at least 10 -15 minutes under the direct sunlight.

Food rich in trace minerals:

Green leafy vegetables

Boron and Magnesium are very important minerals that can help calcium absorption which can give you relief from arthritis pains and inflammation.


Food containing the following nutrients can be of a great help for the patients suffering with arthritis.

Zinc: Green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, etc.
Selenium: Brazil nuts from Brazil are good source of selenium.
Vitamin C: Citrus fruits are good source of vitamin C along with spinach, tomatoes, berries, red and green pepper, etc.
Amino acids: Eggs and white meat

Fatty Acids:

These are very essential to generate the fluid that protects the rupture of the bones at the joints and reduces pain and inflammation. Best sources for amino acids are fish such as salmon, mackerel and animal fat. Some oils such as flax seed oil which contains omega 3 and borage oil which contains omega 6 are also rich in essential fatty acids.

The above mentioned diet, that is rich in all the necessary ingredients that are required to cure your arthritis, should be taken regularly for the best possible results. Hope this information helps in curing your arthritis naturally, and in having a speedy recovery!

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