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by Eric Bradshaw on January 12, 2014

Buy Provailen for arthritis relief

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Provailen is a natural supplement formulated to reduce the pain and inflammation that accompanies arthritis and gout. Provailen is an over-the-counter pain reliever for joint pain. Although there are prescription medications given to treat joint pain as a result of arthritis and gout, most people suffering from pain often find that prescription medications can only do so much. Some even come with side effects that are as worse as the pain. This is the reason why a lot of arthritis sufferers look for natural remedies to help them get rid of joint pain without the side effects. I hope that after reading my Provailen review you will be better informed and will make your own decision to buy it or not.

What Can Provailen Do?

According to the manufacturer, Provailen can increase the suppleness of joints, reduce pain, swelling and inflammation and restore the mobility back to the joints. With reduced pain levels, users can enjoy a good night’s rest, engage in the activities that they used to do before arthritis set in, and spend more quality time with their family. Provailen is a good option for those who want to avoid prescription medications and the side effects associated with them. Because its ingredients are all nature-based, users get pain relief without adding more chemicals like fillers and preservatives to their body.

Active Ingredients

The three active ingredients of Provailen are Tonkat ali, the Reishi mushroom, and Capsaicun.

Tonkat ali is known in Asia as the Longevity plant because of its ability to cure a diverse array of diseases. One study conducted in the West revealed that the plant is effective for treating malaria, diabetes and infections. It also has a potent antimicrobial property which helps prevent bacterial infections.

Provailen Natural ingredientsThe Reishi mushroom is also known for its ability to reduce the pain that comes with arthritis and joint problems. Native to China and Japan and some parts of the US, the mushroom has long been used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat a variety of inflammatory ailments. A study published by the University of Hong Kong in 2007 revealed that consumption of the mushroom slowed down the the proliferation of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial Fibroblasts (RASF). The mushroom also helps strengthen the immune system by fortifying the white blood cells.

Capsaicun has also been revealed to be effective in reducing joint pain. A 1991 study conducted in Case Western Reserve University in Ohio revealed that test participants given capsaicun noticed a significant reduction in pain of up to 57% compared to the 33% reduction in pain felt by the control group who were given placebos. Capsaicun blocks the chemicals that transmit pain impulses so that lesser pain signals are read by the brain. Capsaicun ointments are very effective for temporary pain relief, but the substance may produce longer-lasting results when taken orally.

All these ingredients work together to reduce pain from the joints, increase energy, and fortify the immune system so it can respond better to infection and inflammation. These ingredients offer benefits that go beyond the alleviation of pain and treatment of joint diseases. The Reishi mushroom is known for its anti-cancer properties, while capsaicun helps improve the body’s digestion.

How Provailen Works

Provailen works through its main three ingredients. It reduces pain by blocking pain chemicals and fortifies the immune system so that the joints are not easily susceptible to the triggers of joint pain. It’s anti-oxidant properties also helps strengthen the rest of the body’s cells and provides a quick burst of energy. Patients who use the medication often notice a gradual disappearance of pain and other symptoms, and as time goes by, pain flare ups tend to lessen in frequency.

Who Can Use Provailen?

Anyone can use Provailen. There are no serious side effects and contraindications except for pregnant or lactating mothers since the effects of the medication may be different in pregnant mothers. Patients who have a history of allergic reactions may want to consult their doctors or conduct an allergy test to make sure that they are not allergic to the ingredients.

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Side Effects

There are no serious side effects when using Provailen but some users may experience mild headaches and dizziness the first few days after using the medication. Some users experienced loose stools that last a few days. Itching has also been reported by some users.

Benefits of Using Provailen

Aside from treating the underlying condition itself as well as its symptoms, Provailen is natural, without the toxins and preservatives that are found in other arthritis medications. Unlike other medications, there is also a lesser chance of common side effects like headaches, dizziness, ulcers, and headaches. Other potential side effects like digestive problems and problems to the internal organs are less likely to occur when patients use more natural treatment options. Provailen can also be safely used in conjunction with other arthritis medications. It is wise to consult a medical professional before using different types of arthritis medications simultaneously so users should go to the doctor before trying out this medication if they are currently taking other medications as well.

Potential Concerns About the Product

Provailen is not a prescription medication which means that patients suffering from joint pain may be tempted to buy Provailen without a doctor’s advise. It is important to consult the doctor first before using any type of medication, whether these are over-the-counter or prescription medications in order to anticipate possible side effects and follow the right intake instructions. Patients who want to buy Provailen should also only buy from official sellers.

Provailen - ready to orderSome users may also feel wary about the side effects like headaches and itching. Fortunately, most of these side effects are mild and only occur for a short period of time, usually during the start of taking the medication as the body adjusts to the effects of the drug.


Unlike other medications, Provailen does not merely treat the symptom of arthritis, gout, or joint pain caused by any other disease. It goes to the root cause of the problem and eliminates the disease itself so there is very little chance of the symptoms occurring again. By addressing the cause of the pain, Provailen treats the condition and provides effective pain relief at the same time.

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