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by Eric Bradshaw on January 12, 2014

Provailen Arthritis Pain ReliefArthritis is among the most common maladies among the elderly and it is one that can be debilitating when not addressed properly. While there has yet to be a cure for this condition, nor concrete methods to prevent it, there are a number of potential solutions for managing arthritis especially the pain that comes with it. Provailen is a product that has recently become available in the market, and it has garnered the attention of not only consumers but health experts as well.

Provailen bottleFor prospective buyers of this product, it is necessary to first get a closer look at what it can offer and whether it poses any number of adverse effects on its users. Below is a comprehensive review of Provailen, which includes its potential benefits, product claims, and possible drawbacks. These facts should help consumers searching for Provailen reviews decide for themselves whether this product is worth their hard earned money at all.

What is Provailen?

This product is an all-natural remedy for pain caused by arthritic muscular atrophy. Its main function is to stimulate the adrenocortical function in order to reduce, if not eliminate arthritic attacks that cause severe pain and deformation in the muscles. It is comprised of 3 main ingredients- Reishi, Tongkat Ali, and Capsaicin, each of which have very unique properties that help alleviate the discomfort brought about by the condition.

Provailen natural ingredientsReishi is a component that belongs to the same fungi family as Penicillin. The scientists who worked on the creation of Provailen were able to increase the potency of Reishi to 75 times compared to its base form, which makes it as effective as a 5mg dosage of Hydrocortisone. This substance is largely responsible for controlling the immune system’s natural response (in arthritic patients), which is to attack the joints.

The second active ingredient, Tongkat Ali, comes in its highly concentrated form in this product, and is responsible for promoting muscle growth and maintaining its functional (and structural) integrity. This also helps in increasing bone density, which in turn allows for stronger joints.

Capsaicin, which is a substance found mainly in chilies, allows for better blood flow, which is necessary in order to prevent joint pain and muscular damage. It also increases serotonin production, which provides effective pain relief.

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Product Claims and Potential Benefits

Effective and Natural Pain Relief

The combination of the three main ingredients amounts to a potent formula that counteracts pain, which occurs during arthritic attacks. This can be largely beneficial to patients suffering from severe arthritis, especially during cold weather when the attacks are expected to be severe and unrelenting. The active ingredients of Provailen, particularly Capsaicin, works mainly on the pleasure center of the brain so there is no need for pharmaceutical pain relievers to manage the discomfort brought about by this condition.

Most patients who suffer from arthritis develop a dependency on Class A narcotics due to their constant need for pain relief. Electing a more natural method in dealing with pain is highly encouraged so as to avoid long term health ramifications.

Reduced Muscle Stiffness and Increased Function

Arthritis does not only cause severe pain, but it also disallows muscle movement. Fine motor skills such as grasping and writing become extremely limited for people who suffer from arthritis because the joints become too stiff. The effects of Provailen will supposedly increase muscle and joint function, which would allow patients to use their hands more effectively.

Reduced Bouts with Insomnia

Provailen - Pain relief solutionThis degenerative condition does not only affect patients during the day, but it also cause a major disturbance in their sleeping patterns. Most arthritic patients also suffer from insomnia due to the pain they have to endure as well as the stress from dealing with the condition. This remedy can effectively reduce stress levels and allow for a restful sleep every night.

It is highly important for people suffering from arthritis to get enough sleep in order to allow their body to repair itself during REM state. Muscular repair as well as cell renewal occurs during deep sleep, thus the need to alleviate insomnia.

No Synthetics Used for Formulation

While there are a number of prescription drugs for rheumatoid arthritis today, most are comprised of pharmaceutical grade substances that have the potential for side effects. Provailen is a product that only utilizes herbs and other naturally occurring substances to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis. Users of this product are largely safe from any potential side effects as well as long term health ramifications.

Potential Drawbacks

Results are Not Guaranteed

While Provailen has all the necessary ingredients to make for a potent pain management solution, its effects are not 100% guaranteed. The results may also vary from one user to another, depending on the severity of their condition as well as other relevant factors. Some patients may experience instantaneous relief, while others will have to take Provailen for an extended period in order to see any improvements. Since there have been no conclusive studies done on this product, there is no telling whether it will work on everyone who uses it.


Some consumers are apprehensive toward the idea of trying this product due to its price. At $49, some may consider it just a tad expensive considering there are no guarantees that it would actually work for them. The upside is that bulk orders are given due discounts so customers who find that Provailen actually works for them can save a great deal of money.

Consumer Feedback

This product is widely praised by thousands of arthritic patients from several parts of the world where it is sold. However, there are also a number of claims that this product do not necessarily live up to its advertised effects. You can read real customers reviews we have found here:

So here is my thoughts and experiences with Provailen: It has ended my arthritis now almost completely and I have now actually been able to start some of the activities that I wasn’t able to do for years. I haven’t experienced any side effects from using Provailen which is of course a very positive thing.
Altogether I can say that this really has been a lifesaver for me because I truly was struggling to get by before I started taking this. I just wanted to share this review with you so that you know how well it actually works for arthritis. Thanks.
Vincent     Florida, USA

I think it’s a crime that doctors do not recommend provailen to patients with arthritis inflammation because this is by far the best treatment for arthritis there is period! I ordered provailen two months ago and it has changed my life completely. I can now play tennis and play football with my grandkids, which is something that I couldn’t even have dreamed of doing before because the pain in my knees and ankles was so severe. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find this earlier. I sincerely recommend this to everyone with arthritis pain.
Peter    Wakefield, UKProvailen - you can order now

Verdict and Recommendation

Provailen has all the makings of a good natural relief for arthritis. Considering the properties of its active ingredients as well as the generally positive reaction it receives from customers, this product can be deemed a worthy purchase for those looking to ease their pain from arthritis. There is certainly no harm in trying this product today as long as you have realistic expectations of the outcome.

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