Provailen – A Path Toward Arthritis Relief?

by Eric Bradshaw on January 12, 2014

Provailen - Pain relief solution

The ravages of living with arthritis are, to say the least, quite dreadful. The constant pain, swelling and potential for continued degeneration are ample reasons for one to be in search of relief. Traditional pharmaceuticals aimed at remedying the effects of arthritis are plentiful, however, most fall short of actually targeting the problem at its source. It is in this regard that Provailen, an arthritis and articular joint pain solution made from natural ingredients, demonstrates its most earnest potential.

Provailen Ingredients: A Multi-Pronged Approach

Made from the humble Reishi fungi, Provailen also contains Tongkat Ali and Capsaicin. Acting in unison, these three primary ingredients not only offer traditional relief to the pain and discomfort normally associated with arthritis, but also transcend their effects onto the root causes of the arthritic condition. This is essential in order for this particular remedy to merit consideration above other more traditional options.

The manufacturer claims that the three ingredients work “synergistically” together in order to address joint pain through a comprehensive approach. In practical terms, this means that the natural occurring anti-inflammatory power of the Reishi fungi is being harnessed in conjunction to other medicinal and curative effects.

Reishi fungi

Chief among these is the Reishi fungus’ ability to help regulate adrenal function. This stabilizes the body chemicals and hormones which help regulate your immune system. This is crucial in any attempt to halt the degenerative properties of arthritis. Many times arthritic conditions are advanced or otherwise aggravated by one’s own immune system acting against articular joints and cartilage. In preventing the immune system from acting counter-productively to the presence of arthritic tissue, the progressiveness of arthritis can be halted, or substantially slowed. This translates into Provailen being effective even in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.

Additionally, the Reishi fungus also contains natural occurring antioxidant enzymes which help eliminate free radicals from the body. The elimination of free radicals is conducive to prolonging the onset of premature aging within the cells of the body. This effect, when manifested in the joints, can further help forestall the development or advancement of arthritic conditions. It can be seen as a method of maintaining the cushioning and protective properties of the cartilage along the articulating joints sound and robust for longer periods within one’s lifespan.

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Tongkat Ali

Provailen - natural ingredientsThe Tongkat Ali contained in Provailen has been proven to increment the presence of muscle growth hormone within the body. Now, this is not to be confused with synthetic growth hormones that are introduced artificially to the body for the purposes of performance enhancement. The effect brought about the Tongkat Ali in this case simply elevates the presence of this hormone naturally. It is being produced by your own body, it is not being introduced from outside of the body. This results in optimized levels of the muscle growth hormone to promote the proper level of bone density and muscle growth. When such optimal levels of bone density and muscle strength are reached, your joints will strengthen as well. As they strengthen, so to do they repair damaged bone and cartilage tissue. This results in a regression of arthritic pain symptoms for many people.


An additional layer of effectiveness is added through the inclusion of the capsaicin in its formula. The presence of capsaicin is not unique to Provailen. As a matter of a fact, many prescription as well as over the counter arthritic medication include it; however, in this case its inclusion goes beyond its topical pain relief role. In Provailen, the capsaicin is used to improve the deliverability of the other active ingredients. Through capsaicin’s ability to increase the blood flow to even the smallest of vessels, the main effects of the solution can reach even the most injured or diseased of tissues.

Integrity of Formula and Its Elaboration

Of course, the claims of a manufacturer and what is actually delivered can sometimes be two diametrically opposed items. Many times this may be caused by inconsistent production methods or inferior ingredients. Fortunately, in the case of Provailen, the incorporation of strict polices for quality assurance make the product extremely safe, consistent and effective.

To begin with, it is processed and bottled at a FDA approved facility. As such, the end user can rest assured that the strictest of standards are being applied throughout the entirety of the manufacturing and bottling of the product. It is definitely not a Third World pharmaceutical of shady origins and even more questionable performance.

It is precisely an adherence to such rigorous standards of quality which allows for the active ingredients to achieve high levels of purity and performance. Take for example the key extract obtained form the Reishi fungi. Through technologically aided refinement and a 62-hour process, this crucial extract can achieve levels of strength 75 times higher than in it original form. The same holds true for the Tongkat Ali. Through optimized laboratory refinement, the concentration level that is achieved is rated at 50 times over its base potency. In the case of agents used for the treatment of arthritis, potency is essential in order to obtain the greatest level of permeability over the affected tissue.

Provailen – The Final Verdict

Provailen - product pictureThe fact that Provailen is made from all natural ingredients and that it is manufactured to the highest of standards makes it a safe product to take for relief from arthritis pain. The level of concentration of its active ingredients allows for proper diffusion into the diseased tissue. The multi-pronged structure of its formula makes it effective at treating the root cause of joint stiffness and inflammation, not just the pain. All in all, as a natural arthritis remedy it merits high praise. Under most circumstances it would likely perform better than other more traditional remedies.

In spite of its overwhelmingly positive attributes, however, there are a few areas which might be cause of contention for some users of Provailen. Chief among these is the size of the tablet. For individuals who suffer from difficulty in swallowing large pills they will require cutting. Unfortunately, the Provailen tablet does not come pre-scored and can create excessive crumbling or powdering when cut. Of course, this is but a minor inconvenience in what is otherwise a highly effective product.

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